Saturday, December 14, 2013

Vintage Casio Watches

Casio Corporation began in Mitaka, Tokyo by Kashio Seisakujo, and was primarily aas a compact all electric calculator.  Casio entered the timepiece world in 1974 with a wide variety of watches.  The specialty of Casio was to engineer small electronic calculators.  With the information gained from working with such small electronics the Company   began to diversify by creating and making watches.  Today many people search for these vintage Casio watches.

Vintage Casio Watches

The ability to create a watch from mechanical to quartz mechanisms helped create and strengthen the company’s earnings base.  They were able to take a simple adding machine that shows a running calculation of each second and create a great timepiece of the time.  The Casiotron was their first quartz movement watch and was released for sale in October, 1974.  This watch not only showed the hours, minutes, and seconds, but also had a unique function that could automatically determine the number of days in a month and whether or not the current year was a leap year.

Today, these Vintage Casio watches are en-vogue.  Many people are searching for these great timepieces.  Besides the digital chronograph they were also able to create the quartz movement with the use of hands, and a rotating calendar.  Some of the various vintage Casio watches can be found on the Amazon Marketplace.

Vitnage Casio Watch on the Hand

The many styles and designs of the vintage Casio watches are the regular digital faced watches made in silver or gold.  Also available are many different colors of straps and faces.  Admirers are even known to look for the really unusual timepieces by Casio.  One of the vintage Casio watches that are being searched for today is the Casio men’s vintage stainless steel band 50 telememo calculator watch.  This watch was not only of futuristic design, but was able to have a calculator, write short memos to the wearer and tell the date and time. 

Many will look to find the Analog illuminator sports watch, the gold tone databank watch, the vintage Casio White Analog Digital watch, or the Casio vintage analog with digital alarm timepiece.  People who know that these watches are special are inclined to purchase these vintage Casio watches from a variety of places.  Not only does have them, but also you can find many of these watches on .

One of the best places or sources for these vintage Casio watches is the following website:  This site has many of the vintage Casio watches ever built.  Information about the Casio watches are the Casio older models list, the Casio digital watches, and other older vintage digital watches as well as the history of Casio the company.  This site is a great informational website, and would be a great starting place for you to obtain information on the vintage Casio watches.  Before purchasing a vintage Casio watch, you will need to know what to look for, and what the watch does.  Many of the vintage Casio watches do more than tell time.

It’s time to sport a bold new vintage look.  The vintage Casio watches are just such an item to get people talking about your new/old look.  Take a look, and buy one of these vintage Casio watches.  You’ll be the talk of the town.